Hannah Cooper McCauley

is an American photographer who received a BFA from Jacksonville State University in 2012 and is currently pursuing an MFA from Louisiana Tech University. She…


Eat Your Heart Out

is a project by Brooklyn-based designer Isabella Giancarlo who uses quotes—from actual breakups—and bakes the lines into delicious pies and cakes. The inspiration for Eat Your Heart Out came…


Let Them Eat Cake

is another great photography series by Max Siedentopf. The series takes a comedic twist on typical cakes and messages on them. This was shot…


Ian Stevenson

This is an update on Ian’s great work. More of it here. “Ian Stevenson’s work is both engaging and enlightening, using his view on…


Samara Hardy

is a freelance illustrator currently based in Falmouth, UK. More about Samara Hardy and her beautiful illustrations here.


Joël Penkman

is a UK based New Zealander with a background in graphic design. Her paintings are meticulous, graphic and often nostalgic. Joël’s paintings are created…

500 – Thank you folks!

This is kind of an anniversary. 500 (in words: FIVE HUNDRED) carefully selected posts and at the same time 500 (again: FIVE HUNDRED) Facebook-Fans. Fuck you very much.