Joel Meyerowitz

is an American image-maker and photographer who fought and succeeded in proving the integrity and artistic value of the medium at a time when it was…


Alex Gardner

is a Los Angeles painter who resists categorization. Gardner, who grew up in Southern California, only decided to fully commit to his artistry in 2014….



is a Singapore born photographer who attended Northwestern University in Illinois and graduated with a degree in Film and Video Production. Nguan’s photographs are…


also known as Luciana Rodriguez who is a freelance multidisciplinary Designer & Artist living on Cordoba, Argentina.She’s an industrial designer & self-taught photographer, digital…


Laurence Philomène

is a Canadian photographer based in Montreal where the feminist art collective “The Coven” is also located. She is one of their members and together…


Maciek Jasik

is a Polish photographer based in New York who explores the still life in his series The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables. Punctured and perforated,…

0. color theory cover, rainbow design

Aimee Bee Brooks

is an American artist and graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York. She enjoys thrifting, hiking, listening to music & reading. She…


Giorgio Cravero

is an Italian photographer based in Turin, Italy who creates conceptual photos of fruits and vegetables with the color dripping away. The images are…



is a photography series by Polish photographer Katarzyna Parejko. She studied at the Łódź Film School (Poland). She is a third place winner of the…


Michael Cina

“One of the things I love most about Michael Cina’s studies is that they are simply beautiful to look at. Often there is no…