Hiejin Yoo

is a Korean artist Hiejin Yoo received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is an MFA candidate at the…


A Handbook for Dog Walkers

is a photography series by Tomas Werner, a Slovak artist who is exploring the intersection between photography, video and performance. In his work he…


The Happiest Dog In The World

is an ongoing photography series by Thailand-based photographer Sorasart Wisetsin who efers to his canine muse Gluta as “the happiest dog in the world,” and her boundless joy is…


Jaya Nicely

is a Los Angeles based illustrator and designer focusing on people and counterculture. More about Jaya Nicely and her works here.


Will Robson-Scott

is a London based photographer and filmmaker. His work focuses on people living in the notoriously hard to penetrate fringes of society. Scott released the book…


Eric Chakeen

is the 25-year-old photographer behind Cults’ debut album cover depicting singer Madeline Follin and guitarist Brian Oblivion in the throes of some serious hair…


William Hundley

is an American photographer based in Austin, Texas. He hoots with an experimental approach by blending surreal and unusual oddities. More about William Hundley and his…


Andrey Flakonkishochki

The work of Moscow based artist and illustrator Andrew Flakonkishochki is filled with true stories from the lives of urban crackpots and tell us about…


For the Love of Dogs

A photographic series by Chris Sembrot about unconditional love between man and man’s best friend. “He claims that the owners changed their biochemistry by smooching…


Helena Frank

Helena Frank is a Copenhagen based illustrator and animation director. She has graduated from Konstfack (Sweden) and the National Film School of Denmark. Check…