wild life

A photographic series by Birmingham based Richard PJ Lambert. He uses film cameras to document what happens in his life in –as he says– an honest…

Polygonal Sculptures

is a project by New Zealand-based artist Ben Foster. The sculptural work of him can not be separated from his home and life in New Zealand. Ben…

Andrew B. Myers

Andres B. Myers describes himself as a “Friendly Canadian photographer”.What is there else to say? Found on inspiration-now

Wet Dog

A photo series by New York based french photographer Sophie Gamand. via freeyork

Paul Roberts

is a British painter. Roberts was born in Tiverton Devon in 1948. Brought up by artist parents in Wales. He studied at Newport, Cardiff and…

Rachel Levit

is a Brooklyn based illustrator born and raised in Mexico City. She graduated from Parsons The New School of Design in may 2012. Rachel Levit won…

Walking my dog

by photographer Eddy de Azevedo.  Lighters, containers, discarded shoes, objects Eddy comes across while walking his dog. He is born in 1972 in Paris, France….

David Agenjo

Born in Madrid, 1977, David Agenjo is a self-taught artist living and working in London. After a brief career as a graphic designer, he…