Mar Cerdà

is a Barcelona-based illustrator who created wonderfully detailed dioramas based on Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Royal Tenenbaums. As an illustrator, watercolor…

Julia Griffin

is an American illustrator who got her BFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts and lives and works in NYC.  She specializes in…

Yanni Floros

is an Adelaide based Australian artist who is trained as an artist at the national Art School in Sydney and works primarily in charcoal….

Luke Painter

is a Toronto-based illustrator who is heavily influenced by his interest in historical trends in interior design and architecture. In the past few years he has…

Sacha Berg

is a Russian illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. More about Sacha Berg and his works here.

Thomas Cian

is a Milan-based artist who creates these incredible drawings. More about Thomas Cian and his works here.

Cath Riley

is a British artist who is based in London, UK. The emphasis, and main body of Cath Riley’s work, has always been of a…

Whooli Chen

is a Taiwanese illustrator based in Taipei, Taiwan who has a MA degree in illustration field from University of the Arts London. She misses an urban fox…

The Ordinary Young Man

is an illustrated project created by Italy-based Fernando Cobelo, imagined to describe the everyday feelings happening inside of regular young people. Born in 1988,…

Mi-Kyung Choi

is a South Korean illustrator who makes work under the name Ensee. More about Mi-Kyung Choi and her works here.