Elisabeth Moch

is a German illustrator and lives and works in Berlin. And many other places. Among her clients are international publications such as The New…


Aster Hung

is a Taiwanese-American Illustrator and Designer recently graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA 2016).  Her illustrations aim to capture fantastical spaces,…


Ricardo Fumanal

is a Spanish illustrator currently based in London, where he strengthened his interest for the world of fashion and advertising. His weapons are the…


Sainte Maria Sartorial

is a Russian artist and graphic designer who documents fashion as it is now. From Chanel shows through the creations of Gosha Rubchinskyi to…


Bela Borsodi

is an Austrian photographer who was born in Vienna in 1966. After studying graphic design and fine art he started to work as a…


Pablo Thecuadro

is a Spanish photographer & collage artist based in Madrid. More about Pablo Thecuadro and his works here.


Michael de Feo

is the The Flower Guy. Best known in the street art movement for his ubiquitous and iconic flower image, artist Michael De Feo has been…


Anna Sudit

is an American illustrator and graphic designer based in New York who works for famous online magazine refinery 29. “I have been an artist…


Angelika Peißker

is a German illustrator based in Leipzig that really captures the life in the human face. Her work is primarily black and white with a…


Alexandra von Fuerst

is an Italian photographer currently based in Berlin. Her real name is Alessandra Bergamin. Her focus is mostly on fashion even if her projects are…