Charles Roussel

is a French photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. More about Charles Roussel and his works here.

Ines Longevial

is an art director and illustrator based in Paris, whose beautiful paintings of intertwined bodies are likely to have you looking twice. She breaks up…

Anne-Laure Etienne

is a French photographer who presents this series called Fleeting. Anne-Laure Etienne explains that in her work the vegetation is quite naturally a symbol of development. More…

Dani Olivier

is a French photographer and visual artist who is the author of beautiful pictures that sublimes women’s bodies thanks to light, lines and patterns’ projections. …

Nicolas Le Forestier

is a French portrait & fashion photographer based in Paris. More about Nicolas Le Forestier and his works here.

Ophelie Rondeau

is a French photographer Ophelie Rondeau who is capturing relationships offline in organic environments. More about Ophelie Rondeau and her works here.

Thomas Devaux

is a French photographer who lives and works in Paris. Thomas Devaux has authored several complex and ambitious series. In each of them one can…

Olive Santaoloria

is a French photographer who merges us in total purity and gives an illusion of underwater frozen bodies. More about Olive Santaoloria and her works here.


is a French indie photographer currently living in Strasbourg. He’s attracted by candid & intimate situations, spontaneous & natural moments. More about Chill and his works…

Greg Ponthus

is a Lyon-based photographer who has a wide range of moody and atmospheric work. More about Greg Pontus and his works here.