is a Chinese animator & illustrator. “Enjoy my life and drawing. I want to share with you what i saw, heard and experienced in daily…


Petra Švajger

is a Slovenian GIF / cinemagraph artist, fashion design graduate who found her place in fashion by discovering the art of making moving images in…


Ashley Nawn

is an American illustrator based in New York who created these ongoing funny series of Game of Thrones characters and their Tinder profiles.  More about…


it’s no biggie

is a tumblr project by Lisette Berndt also known as Thoka Maer. Going by the name of Thoka Maer she illustrates and creates animated illustrations….


Ely Dagher

is a Lebanese illustrator currently living between Brussels and Beirut graduated from Goldmiths  College, london with an MA in New media and contemporary Art Studies. Ely…


Un Gif Dans Ta Gueule

is a tumblr full of historic images, films and paintings, but in motion. This is a project run by French animator Nicolas Monterrat who adds a…


Colorizing GIFs

Dutch website NSMBL recently uploaded a collection of very intriguing GIFs that show vintage pictures getting colorized—as colors are gradually added to these images, one would…


James Curran

is a British animator, illustrator and director based in London and he loves to create funny gifs. More about James Curran and his works…