Christina Nelson

is a Half french, half norwegian photographer currently living in Oslo. More about Christina Nelson and her works here.

Robert Chang Chien

is a designer, artist, and photographer based in Taiwan. More about Robert Chang Chien and his works here.

Petrina Hicks

is an Australian photographer who is utilises the seductive and glossy language of commercial photography to create artworks that probe at the false promise of…

Joanne Leah

is a Brooklyn based photographer. Her photographs have a kinetic aura, a dark mysterious crackle of energy that seems to hint at struggle and loss….

Elise Gallant

is a New York based photographer and journalist who started taking pictures at age 13. She started calling herself a photographer ten years later, when she was…

Schoolgirl Complex

is an ongoing photography series by Japanese photographer Yuki Aoyama who explores the life of girls in uniforms. As far as the focus of…

Michele Pescione

is a New York based photographer who shot this photography series ‘Waiting’ for awesome Schön! magazine. More about Michele Pescione and his works here.

Georgia Theologou

is a self-taught Greek artist who paints hauntingly beautiful portraiture.  “Creating something is a way to express the feelings that are inside me that…

Leah Tinari

is an American illustrator. With a camera always at hand, Leah Tinari captures her family and friends amusing themselves through wild nights on the…

Sarah Joncas

is an artist based out of Toronto, Canada. Sarah Joncas was born in 1986 in Hamilton, attended school in Toronto, but still considers Niagara…