Efi Gousi

is a young Greek actress-director-photographer who has in fact found great success in each part of her hyphenated professional self. Efi was born in Thessaloniki and graduated from the National Theatre…


Alex Gardner

is a Los Angeles painter who resists categorization. Gardner, who grew up in Southern California, only decided to fully commit to his artistry in 2014….


Cody Choi

is a Chinese photographer based in London. Cody Choi himself is a dancer — he toured the world to dance with Matthew Bourne’s Swan…


Diane Villadsen

is a  is a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She masterfully combines color and light to create eye-catching imagery for portrait clients, couples,…


Truls Espedal

is a Norwegian painter based in Oslo, Norway who earned a BA in Illustration and a Master of Arts in Visual Communication from the Kent…



is a photography series by German photographer Elena Helfrecht. Elena Helfrecht was born in Germany in 1992. She grew up remote from big cities…

Dan Witz4

Dan Witz

is a Brooklyn, NY based street artist and realist painter. He grew up in Chicago, and graduated in 1981 from Cooper Union, on New York City’s Lower East Side. Witz, consistently active since…


Clare Mallison

studied illustration at Kingston University and graduated in 2004. This is where she found a passion for drawing especially on location. She works from…


Duarte Vitoria

Duarte Vitoria is a painter from Oporto, Portugal. He is represented by Witzenhausen Gallery New York and Amsterdam. More awesome work of Duarte Vitoria…