Alex Gardner

is a Los Angeles painter who resists categorization. Gardner, who grew up in Southern California, only decided to fully commit to his artistry in 2014….


Anni Leppälä

is a Finnish photographer who lives and works in Helsinki. Anni Leppälä studied photography at the Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences and…


Elise Mesner

is an eclectic-minded painter, illustrator, fashion/costume designer, stylist, taste maker, cross-media artist, singer-songwriter and fine art photographer working and dipping into all arty media…


Kit King

is a fine artist and painter. Born November 29th, 1987, of two artist parents, she was raised with significant creative influence. She has witnessed…


Martha Ossowska Persson

is a Swedish illustrator based in Gothenburg, Sweden who paints in this watercolor series detailed renderings of hands in various positions or intertwined, making strange…

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Daniel Barriga

is a Spanish photographer based in Barcelona. More about Daniel Barriga and his works here.



is a photography series by Danny Eastwood, an Australian award-winning photographer based out of Sydney, Australia. Photography is often a literal transposition of reality,…


Edie Nadelhaft

is an American painter. Edie studied Painting at Massachusetts College of Art Boston, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and S.U.N.Y. at Purchase. “The Cherry…


Eliza Bennett

is a British artist. She was born in England 1980, residing in London. In 1997-1999 she studied a B-Tec National Diploma in Art and…


David Cata

The Spanish artist David Cata sews portraits of his family into the palm of his hand. David Cata’s work sets a game between memory…