Alex Gardner

is a Los Angeles painter who resists categorization. Gardner, who grew up in Southern California, only decided to fully commit to his artistry in 2014….


Martina Grlić

is a Croatian artist who is fascinated with history, both personal and shared. Martina Grlić depicts scenes of everyday life in former Yugoslavia, ranging from men…


Anna Bresoli

is a Spanish artist and photographer based in Berlin. More about Anna Bresoli and her works here.


Alessandro Boezio

is an Italian artist of versatile creativity who uses an incredible number of materials, both precious and simple, to create sculptures, installations and original works,…


Marius Budu

is a visual artist working with photography and digital art currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His stunning way of expressing the essence of the…


Juana Gómez

is a Chilean artist who embroiders the central nervous system over faded photographs of the human body. Her work is somewhat reminiscent of anatomy…


Lubna Abdelaziz

is an Egyptian photographer based in Alexandria. This is self portrait project portraits that simultaneously look like pictorial photos and hyperrealistic paintings. Both sensual…


Frank Oriti

is a Cleveland-born artist. He studied Two-Dimensional Studies and Painting at Bowling Green State University and Ohio University. Frank Oriti paints blue-collar workers whose opportunities…


Lara Zankoul

is a photographer from Lebanon who created surreal portraits of people in a human sized fish tank. She graduated from the American University of Beirut…


Body Language

by London-based artist Matthew Stone. He creates human landscapes. In his photography Stone uses the interplay of light and darkness to create raw material for his sculptural…