Cody Cobb

is an American photographer who grew up in a small town in Louisiana and has been living in the Pacific Northwest for the last ten…


Niaz Uddin

is a photographer, film maker and computer programmer based out of Los Angeles. More about Niaz Uddin and his works here.


Xue Ruozhe

is a Chinese painter who is currently based in London. Within his practice he’s interested in deconstructing the world we live in, de-familiarising it…


Evalie Wagner

is an emerging Austrian artist who earned an MFA in painting at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria and has…


Filip Hodas

is a Prague-based graphic designer who transports the viewer into a hypnagogic, hyperrealistic space that defies the physical laws that govern the world around us….


Carla Hananiah

is a New Zealand-based painter who seeks to capture the overwhelming beauty of nature and our relationship to its bewildering force, the raw and otherworldly…


Wanda Koop

is one of Canada’s most important and inventive contemporary artists. Her career spans over four decades and includes more than 50 major solo exhibitions,…



is a photo series by Australian photographer Emmy Philips who been shooting this serie called SALT in salt mines in her native country. More about…


Chantal Anderson

is an American photographer and director based in Los Angeles. “Her work spans multiple disciplines— from documentary to fashion to portraiture— with narrative as the…


Nicola Odemann

is a young German photographer who grew up in the mountains of southern Germany and she has therefore spent a lot of time in the…