Patrick Joust

is a Baltimore based photographer, librarian and occasional pontificator. More about Patrick Joust and his works here.


Matthew Saba

is an American painter based in Denver, Colorado who is obsessed with the frailty of light and the texture of paint. More about Matthew…


Dani Olivier

is a French photographer and visual artist who is the author of beautiful pictures that sublimes women’s bodies thanks to light, lines and patterns’ projections. …


Mads Perch

is a Danish-born London-based photographer. Following graduation with a BA (Hons) from London College of Fashion ( 2005) , Mads shortly after began to…


Lee Jeong Lok

is a Korean artist and photographer who creates this light painting series which have a mystical and spiritual quality. The photos uses light in various…


Mariana Castro

is a Brazil photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal who works in different forms of media such as analogue, digital and movies. Born in 1986 in Santarém,…


Bravo Ko

is a Taiwan-based photographer who is creating beautiful, experimental analogue photographs, working with the human body, unexpected compositions, different light situations and everyday objects. More about Bravo Ko and…


Nissa Kinjalina

is a Kazakhstan-based designer who created “Living light” a lamp that appears as a diaphanous container, in which the light was poured.  As a child…



a kinetic light sculpture by russian Tundra collective. “Hyperjump was created as a site-specific work for one of the halls of the former First…

Javier Rivera 1

Javier Riera

is a Spanish artist. The work of Javier Riera is based in geometric shaped light projections, striked directly onto vegetation and landscape. He uses…