Ophelie Rondeau

is a French photographer Ophelie Rondeau who is capturing relationships offline in organic environments. More about Ophelie Rondeau and her works here.


Courtney Heather

was raised in California which she describes as an ideal setting that both allures and deceives. Most recently she studied an MA in Fine Art…


Steph Wilson

is a Fashion and fine art photographer and artist based in Hackney, London. She is founding member of arts collective Lemon People and online vintage store ChinaPig. She…


Tali Lennox

is a Scottish model, artist, and actress and a daughter of singer Annie Lennox who used to work for Topshop and Burberry. As of 2014 she abandoned her model career and became portrait…


Arianna Lago

is a photographer based in London and Barcelona. ‘I think portraiture and observational photography is my strength so generally lifestyle and documentary magazines. However…


Hollie Fernando

is a 23 year old freelance photographer based in South London who creates incredible atmospheric pictures about love and life. More about Hollie Fernando…


James Curran

is a British animator, illustrator and director based in London and he loves to create funny gifs. More about James Curran and his works…


Blandine Bardeau

is a French painter. She currently lives and works in London, UK. She received a BA in Fashion Design Womenswear from Central Saint Martins…


Miles Aldridge

is a British photographer. He lives and works in London, UK. Miles Aldridge is an internationally renowned photography artist. He studied illustration at the…


Nick Gentry

is a British artist whose practice revolves around contributed artifacts and materials. His signature works include paintings using floppy disks and film negatives, and…