Elisabeth Moch

is a German illustrator and lives and works in Berlin. And many other places. Among her clients are international publications such as The New…


Hannah Cooper McCauley

is an American photographer who received a BFA from Jacksonville State University in 2012 and is currently pursuing an MFA from Louisiana Tech University. She…


Jenny Woods

is a 24 years old photographer and currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.  Her fine art photos has been featured on Nylon Magazine, FStoppers and…


Sergio Heads

is a 19 years old photographer from Valencia, Spain. More about Sergio Heads and his works here.


James Needham

is an English Artist based in Sydney Australia, currently studying at Sydney’s National Art School. He’s having studied at The Oxfordshire College of Art…


Winter 2015

is a photo series by emerging talented photographer Lina Scheynius from Sweden which works has become more and more personal over the years. She recently shared a…


Flesh Love

is a photo series by Japanese artist and photographer Photographer Hal who is photographing couples that he meets in nightclubs and arranges them like pieces of…


Inés Duemig

is a german-based Photographer. In 2014 she reseaved an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication. Her work has…


Eat Your Heart Out

is a project by Brooklyn-based designer Isabella Giancarlo who uses quotes—from actual breakups—and bakes the lines into delicious pies and cakes. The inspiration for Eat Your Heart Out came…


Natalia Mindru

is a Romanian photographer who captures love instants, in black and white, of couples. Named Iubiri Urbane (that we can traduce by “Urban Love”), she gives intimate,…