Chris Kontos

is a photographer, DJ and publisher from Athens who grew up taking photos of his friends and listening to all your dad’s favourite music. More…


Alexey Kiselev

is a Russian photographer based in Moscow and Berlin. His works have been published across a number of Russian fashion titles including Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. Besides…


Ksenia Finogeeva

is a young Moscow-based illustrator. She creates these AW14/15 Ready-to-Wear backstage portraits. More about Ksenia Finogeeva and her illustrations here.


Andrey Flakonkishochki

The work of Moscow based artist and illustrator Andrew Flakonkishochki is filled with true stories from the lives of urban crackpots and tell us about…

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Katerina Plotnikova

is a Russian fine art photographer. She explains her work as “another tale about wonderland”. She’s currently based in Moscow, Russia. More about Katerina Plotnikova and…


Macro Snowflake Photography

by Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov. He took an old lens from a Russian Zenit camera, flipped it around backwards, and taped it to a crappy point…


Reey Whaar

is an illustrator from Moscow, Russia. More works of the anonymous artist here.