Philip Kanwischer

is a 24 year old artist working out of Calgary AB who  graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in photography in…


Sergio Heads

is a 19 years old photographer from Valencia, Spain. More about Sergio Heads and his works here.


Martin Stranka

is a self-taught professional photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. Stranka’s distinctive vision of photography is etched as a unique space located in a balance and…


Gregor Petrikovic

is a Slovakian photographer who focused on when he turned 18 years old and started feeling like an “adult”. Through a photo series inspired…


Benedict Leo

is an American photographer who captures in the series ‘I Am A Wilderness‘ black and white images of the human body elegantly bending and stretching itself in…


Ellen Jewett

is a Vancouver Island-based artist who created these surreal plant/animal sculptures. Ellen Jewett was born in Markham Ontario and raised among newts and snails. She took…


Petros Koublis

is a Greek photographer who discusses in this series In Dreams of stunning landscapes, and the deep ideas that inspired and influenced this body of work –…


Noora-Maija Tokee

is a Finnish photographer who introduces us to Anima Mundi, a beautiful series of photographs that celebrates the human being as a part of nature, and invites us to…


Lauren Marx

is a St. Louis-based artist and illustrator. She is a graduate from Webster University trying to survive her first year out of school. Right…


The Dead Zone

is a photography project by French artist Julien Coquentin. I like to make long series, spread over months, years. This allows me to better comprehend…