Tatiana Saavedra

is a a moon enthusiast and photographer based in Portugal who tries to create visual poetry because there is something very special in colors and dreams….

Niaz Uddin

is a photographer, film maker and computer programmer based out of Los Angeles. More about Niaz Uddin and his works here.

Tim Samuel

is an ocean obsessed, lover of photography and adventures based out of Byron Bay, Australia.   More about Tim Samuel and his works here….

Sara Morselli

is an Italian freelance photographer who explored humanity in comparison to nature itself by combining similar colors which could be found in the ocean. More about…


is a Sydney based production company specialising in documentary, lifestyle, travel and fashion video and stills capture.  Ran by Michaela Skovranova, a Slovakian-born photographer and…

Katja Kremenić

is a Berlin-based photographer. She studied at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She manly shooting analog stories, fashion and portraits. These give me a strong feeling…

Emma Fineman

is an American painter. She was born in 1991 in Berkeley, California. In 2013 she received her BFA with Magna Cum Laude Honors as a…