Anna Ostoya

is a Polish artist. As an artist of many mediums, an exposition of collage was a way to combine a multitude of information about herself and…

Gra?yna Smalej "The Lawn of the Tate Modern"

Grażyna Smalej

is a Polish painter and a graphic artist. Recently, she has also participated in Centrifugal Group with the focus on street art and performance….


Sebastian Pytka

is a young Polish graphic design and artist who has takes a critical look to the society we live in. More about Sebastian Pytka and…


Hide and Seek

is a photo series by Polish photographer Kamil Kotarba who is asking in his this series are our gadgets becoming our entire existence? “The real life…


Lukasz Wierzbowski

is Polish film photographer, who started photography when he began to feel exhausted during his third year studying Social Psychology.  More about Lukasz Wierzbowski…

Ashkan Honarvar & Magdalena Franczuk 6[4]

Zła uczennica

is a collage series by Polish artist and photographer Magdalena Franczuk & Iranian artist Ashkan Honarvar. The collaboration revolved around the notion of Lolita and coming…


Justyna Nerying

is a famous Polish photographer who is the creator of the series “Childhood Lost”: a collection of portraits showing kids dressed like classical Dutch paintings’…


Dominik Tarabanski

is a Polish New York-based fashion photographer . He creates surreal and edgy editorial pictures that evolve around the notion of a ‘modern human’. More about Dominik Tarabanski and…


Ewa Juszkiewicz

is a Polish painter based in Warsaw and Krakow, Polen. She obtained a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the Academy of…



is a typography project by Pawel Nolbert, a designer from Warsaw, Poland. During the past decade, he gained experience creating visual work for brands like Google,…