Nasta Sebastian

is an Romanian painter based in Austria. More about Nasta Sebastian and his works here.


James Needham

is an English Artist based in Sydney Australia, currently studying at Sydney’s National Art School. He’s having studied at The Oxfordshire College of Art…

sebastian kruger

Sebastian Krüger

is a German artist who creates incredible hyper-realistic paintings. He is well known for his lifelike depictions of The Rolling Stones, in particular, Keith Richards. After studying free painting…


Inga Loyeva

is a London based painter who is interested in painting not only because of its versatility as a medium but also because of its rich…


Yanni Floros

is an Adelaide based Australian artist who is trained as an artist at the national Art School in Sydney and works primarily in charcoal….


Markus Åkesson

is a Swedish painter who  was born in Kalmar, Sweden, in 1975, but currently he lives and works in Pukeberg, Nybro, Sweden. These last few…


Alpay Efe

is a German painter who is well known for his extraordinary paintings on panels and concentrates on still-life, nude and conversation pieces. More about Alpay…


Toni Mahfud

is a young German artist, fine art photographer, fashion blogger and model currently based in New York. With his eponymous Instagram profile, Toni Mahfud…


Kit King

is a fine artist and painter. Born November 29th, 1987, of two artist parents, she was raised with significant creative influence. She has witnessed…


Onur Karaalioglu

is a Turkish painter based in Istanbul. The state of chaos and complex formations that the universe is in are the sole impulses that…