Deni Pesto

is a Russian photographer and cinematographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. More about Deni Pesto and his works here.

Liza Zhakova

is a Russian photographer based in Saint-Peterburg, Russia who studied at The St. Petersburg Faculty of photojournalism  and the Fotodepartament.Insitute. More about Liza Zhakova and her works here….

Sacha Berg

is a Russian illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. More about Sacha Berg and his works here.

Polina Washington

is a Russian photographer based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia who shoots analog photography using multiexposure method and soaking. Once she found her inspiration in the woods…

Tasha Alakoz

is a Latvian photographer based in Saint Petersburg which work is mainly about colorful self portraits with enough power to hit your brain. More about Tasha Alakoz…

Slava Thisset

is a Russian photographer who combines photography and digital art. Through his photographs, he explores the fluorescent aesthetics of neon lights with make-up, body painting, lights…

Dmitry Lookianov

is a Russian photographer who is documenting the alienation of Moscow’s outskirts. Dmitry Lookianov is a man who talks about himself as a third person. He was…

Joanna Keler

is a Russian photographer based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. More about Joanna Keler and her works here.

Lena Vazhenina

is a photographer based in Moscow, Russia.Studying architecture, Lena Vazhenina found herself venturing into photography, after contributing accidently to an exhibition at the Moscow…

Lucy Zharikova

is a Russian photographer based in Moscow who is specializes in portraits and wedding coverages.Her creative gallery shows a great manage of lights, shadows and…