self portait


Torrance Hall

is a 17 year old visual artist based in Richmond, Virginia. Throughout his work he explores the relationship between the imagination, dreams and the…


Jenny Woods

is a 24 years old photographer and currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.  Her fine art photos has been featured on Nylon Magazine, FStoppers and…


Sergio Heads

is a 19 years old photographer from Valencia, Spain. More about Sergio Heads and his works here.


Brian Oldham

a young American artist specializing in self-portrait and conceptual photography who has taught himself how to create freely- using a variety of mediums to…


Monica Rohan

is an Australian illustrator based in Brisbane who is inspired by her upbringing in the remote countryside of Queensland. “Rohan’s sensitivity to her surroundings is…


Stephen Medeiros

is an American photographer who portrays himself and other people in a very different and very sensual way. More about Stephen Medeiros and his works…


Els Vanopstal

is a photographer based in Brussels, Belgium who shoots mainly film and catches the beholder with images of girls in vulnerable positions and an eye…


Lubna Abdelaziz

is an Egyptian photographer based in Alexandria. This is self portrait project portraits that simultaneously look like pictorial photos and hyperrealistic paintings. Both sensual…


Emma Tingård

is a Swedish painter based in Stockholm. All her artwork is based on two ideas: the color communicability and movement by improvisation. Her creative…


Dana Trippe

is an American media artist and photographer based in San Diego, California who photographed this very unique self-portrait series. More about Dana Trippe and…