Elena García De La Fuente

is a Spanish painter who was born in Madrid and raised in Málaga. She has lived and worked in London since 1999. She studied Fine…


Arvida Byström

is an artist, photographer, model, cyber sensation and all round Swedish babe based in London. ‘Well it depends. But I feel I have to…


Ghosts who own iPhones

is a collection of images found on the internet of ghosts at halloween taking self-portraits of themselves by Los Angeles based art director Max…

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Kirsten Dunst stars in what is NOT your typical fashion film; written and directed by Matthew Frost for Vs. Magazine. Between late Ubers and…


Aurora Ira

is a UK-based artist, photographer and designer. Specific kinds of art and of design, that Ira is involved with, are polar visually and conceptually, and…


Animal Selfies

These wildlife photographs are taken by remotely-activated camera traps in India. It seems the selfies fad has spread to the animal kingdom. You could…


Eric Pedersen

is an American painter. He was born in the Detroit metro area of Michigan in 1981.  Twenty three years later he moved to Los Angeles…

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-26 um 19.42.37


is a 60 second warning about self obsession by British freelance animation director Andy Martin. The video was created for the Pictoplasma #CharacterSelfie project which you…



Norm is the dog of american artist Jeremy Veach and also an instagram star.