Alexandra Rubinstein

is a Brooklyn based artist whose practice largely focuses on crushing the patriarchy and having fun with it! She came to United States from…


James Needham

is an English Artist based in Sydney Australia, currently studying at Sydney’s National Art School. He’s having studied at The Oxfordshire College of Art…


Claire Milbrath

is a freelance artist living in Montreal, QC. She is also editor-in-chief at The Editorial Magazine. Her work is vulgar, yet so addicting, you just…


Aizawa Yoshikazu

is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo who takes pictures in an analogous way. More about Aizawa Yoshikazu and his works here.


Ivan Fucich

is an American photographer who mainly shoots in film. His photographs are natural snapshots of his friends,family and travels. As well as personal work and…


Riccardo Mannelli

is an Italian painter. has been living in Rome since 1977. Self-taught, he started his artistic career in the 70’s and right from the…


Leigh Ledare

is an American photographer. He uses photography, archival material, text and film to explore human agency, social relationships, taboos and the photographic in equal…


Sarah Anne Johnson

is an artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She studied at University of Manitoba and Yale School of Art. She works in various mediums, focusing on themes of…


Love Plus

is a photography series by German photographer Lena C. Emery. Love Plus is an aesthetic address of the evolution of attitudes toward sex and…