Maciek Jasik

is a Polish photographer based in New York who explores the still life in his series The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables. Punctured and perforated,…

Tyler Shields

is an American photographer, film director and writer. “I’m an artist. I’m not a politician. I’ll tell you exactly what I think, and I’ll…

Stefano Bonazzi

is an Italian photographer. Self-taught, Stefano Bonazzi works with themes of identity and anxiety, articulated through his use of digital photography which he works…

Veronika Gilkova

Beautifully moody work by photographer, heavy tea drinker, psychologist and Adventure time fan Veronika Gilková. Via

Brian M. Viveros

is an internationally celebrated artist. He has an unmistakably arresting hand. His highly detailed paintings of defiant doe-eyed beauties summon a raw poetic of intractability….

Benjamin Björklund

is a Swedish 25-year old painter. He currently lives in Trollhättan, Sverige, Sweden. Check his blogpost here.

Smoke bombs

by swiss born artist Olaf Breuning who is currently living in New York. The artwork ‘smoke bomb’ was part of the 39th edition contemporary…