Andrea Torres Balaguer #2

is a Spanish photographer who studied Fine Arts and University of Barcelona. Directly inspired by surrealism, manages to catch the beauty of women and…

Mar Cerdà

is a Barcelona-based illustrator who created wonderfully detailed dioramas based on Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Royal Tenenbaums. As an illustrator, watercolor…

Carlota Guerrero

is a Barcelona-based photographer who captures evocative shots of everyday life on film. Carlota is a 25 year old photographer from Barcelona who has been…

Inés Maestre

is a  young Spaniard artist with a short career – by now – in the illustration world who is, little by little, making herself…

Emilio Jiménez

is a Spanish photographer based in Madrid who creates incredible pictures with his camera. More about Emilio Jiménez  and his works here.

Javier Mayoral

is a Spanish self-taught artist currently based in Miami, Florida who sells his art, which ranges from scantilly clad women bending over next to captions about…

Pablo Thecuadro

is a Spanish photographer & collage artist based in Madrid. More about Pablo Thecuadro and his works here.

Susana Blasco

is a Spanish artist based in Bilbao, Spain who created this personal series called “ANTIHEROES”. More about Susana Blasco and her works here.

The Other Side

is an ongoing photographic series by Spanish photographer Jorge Pérez Higuera who depicts the daily life of imperial stormtroopers. His work focuses on decontextualizing the daily…

Mauricio Fuentes Corridan

is a Seoul-based photographer and mobile-photographer from Tenerife. He’s half Irish and half Spanish. He grew up in Tenerife, but was born in Ireland….