Nomi Baumgartl

is a German internationally renowned freelance photographer who lives in Murnau and travels all over the world to work on her ambitious projects. In…

Ana Yael

is a Spanish illustrator based in Barcelona. Ana has rich stack of professional experiences in editorial illustration. His work can be seen on book…

Luke Gram

is a Canadian/Swiss photographer who is currently traveling around Asia, Europe and Africa. More about Luke Gram and his works here.

Beth Moon

is a San Francisco based photographer. In the past 15 years, Beth Moon has been capturing ancient trees all around the world. For her new…

Kent MacDonald

is a young Canadian photographer who does things like taking photos and junk. He has started a 365 project in order to step up his game….

Mika Suutari

is an nature photographer from Southern Finland. He likes pictures with a powerful athmosphere and he intents to have that in his photography. He…

Ellie Davies

lives in London and works in the woods and forests of the UK.  She gained her MA in Photography from London College of Communication…

Zeng Jiayuan

is a Chinese photographer based in Guangdong, China who creates incredible atmospheric scenes with his camera. More about Zeng Jiayuan and his works here.

Reuben Wu

is a British photographer, director and music producer. He’s also co-founder of the group Ladytron. More about Reuben Wu and his works here.

Pilar Zeta

 is a self-taught Argentinian artist. The life and work of Pilar Zeta embody a cosmological vision. “My mom is a strong believer that ‘the…