Miranda Lorikeet

is an Australian illustrator based in Sydney and also known as Lazy Bones. More about Miranda Lorikeet and her works here.

Anwen Keeling

is an Australian painter. She studied at Canberra School of Art, Australian National University and Winchester School of Art, Southampton University, Barcelona, Spain. She lives and…

Grace Lee

is an Australian illustrator from Sydney. She is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Her work includes illustrations for Isetan, Beams, as well as Figaro, FRaU,…

Iceland, 2011

is a photography series by the Australian photomedia artist Anna Pogossova. Her work, explores the hidden mythologies of objects. Pogossova studied at College of Fine Arts, Sydney…

Something Else

by Seetal Solanki, a London based Design Studio for Natalie Wood, a fashion designer and artist from Sydney, Australia. More Seetal Solanki stuff here.