is a Taiwanese artist who studied Interactive Media Design In Singapore and in 2008 she relocated to Germany where received her MFA in Public Art…

YinChen Chen

is a San Francisco-based Fine Art Photographer. Always an artist in some capacity, YinChen started out as a story interpreter, then earning her B.A. in Theater Arts in Taiwan….

Hsin Wang

is a Taiwanese fine art photographer based in Brooklyn. She has been interested in visualizing her personal stories through photography, by incorporating everyday objects…

Samson Chen

is a Taiwanese photographer based in Taipei who shoots beautiful images about female beauty in beautiful locations. More about Samson Chen and his works here.

Robert Chang Chien

is a designer, artist, and photographer based in Taiwan. More about Robert Chang Chien and his works here.

Shih Yung-Chun

is a Taipei-baed artist and painter who creates and paints surreal images of everyday scenes. More about Shih Yung-Chun and his works here.


is a Taiwanese photographer based in Taipei. He takes bright and saturated photographs which impressed us deeply! His models often wearing white dresses in…

Chen Dao LEE

is a young Taiwanese realist artist. He was born in 1982 in Taiwan. He obtained his MFA from the Department of Fine Arts (Masters degree)…

Yih-Han Wu

is a Taiwanese painter, but she was born in Stuttgart, Germany. She studied at National Taipei University of the Arts, at Kunstakademie University of…

Portraits by Hsiao-Ron Cheng

This is an update on Hsiao-Ron‘s awesome work. This time portaits only. I just love these colors. See our older post with some background information…