Christian Mader

is a German photographer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Christian Vader has studied communication design and photography and University of Applied Science in Bielefeld. Since…


Yoshito Hasaka

is a Japanese designer and engineer based in Tokyo, Japan who followed his destiny and became a designer. Now he is designing everything in a…


Megumi Goto

is a freelance illustrator living in Tokyo. She illustrates mainly books, magazines and ads.  More about Megumi Goto and her works here.


Wakana Yamazaki

is a Japanese illustrator based in Tokyo. Her style of illustrations and drawings are rough and different. I really love her style. More about Wakana…


Kei Meguro

is a Japanese illustrator and currently working and living in New York, NY. Meguro began as a self taught artist from a young age and much…


Grace Lee

is an Australian illustrator from Sydney. She is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Her work includes illustrations for Isetan, Beams, as well as Figaro, FRaU,…


Richard Heisler

is an American painter based in Seattle, Washington. This ongoing series ’100 Views of Tokyo’ is a series of paintings that focuses on the cityscape of…

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Array #1

Last time we have introduced you to Adam Magyar’s work stainless – which captured waiting people in subway stations in slowmotion. Now it’s time…



is an installation for KANEKA by Japanese architect office sinato Inc based in Tokyo. In this installation, our goal is not to illuminate an object or…