Joel Meyerowitz

is an American image-maker and photographer who fought and succeeded in proving the integrity and artistic value of the medium at a time when it was…


Richard Tuschman

is an American photographer who is inspired by the work of painter Edward Hopper. Created for book covers, ad campaigns and exhibitions, his sceneries are…


Santiago Sepúlveda

is a designer/photographer originally hailing from Bogota, Columbia. More about Santiago Sepúlveda and his works here.


Stephanie Vovas

is a fine art and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Stephanie Vovas’ favorite thing to do is photograph people. She is obsessed…


Juana Gómez

is a Chilean artist who embroiders the central nervous system over faded photographs of the human body. Her work is somewhat reminiscent of anatomy…


Susana Blasco

is a Spanish artist based in Bilbao, Spain who created this personal series called “ANTIHEROES”. More about Susana Blasco and her works here.


Colin Batty

is a British artist who creates hilariously bizarre characters by painting modifications on vintage cabinet card portrait photos. Remarkably, Batty augments each photo the old…


Steven Quinn

is a British artist, photographer and creative and currently based in London. More about Steven Quinn and his works here.


Adam Vinson

is an American painter. Adam Vinson began his artistic training studying commercial illustration at the Luzerne County Community College and continued his studies thereafter under…


Emir Šehanović

is a Bosnian artist. He was born in 1981 in Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina. In the late 90s he was already an active participant of…