Alex Gardner

is a Los Angeles painter who resists categorization. Gardner, who grew up in Southern California, only decided to fully commit to his artistry in 2014….


Cody Choi

is a Chinese photographer based in London. Cody Choi himself is a dancer — he toured the world to dance with Matthew Bourne’s Swan…


Tyrone Lebon

is a photographer and filmmaker based between London and Los Angeles. Since completing his MA in Social Anthropology in 2005, he has worked on…


Koray Parlak

is a Turkish photographer based in Istanbul who is known for his striking portraiture and modern visual language approaching to photography in an innovative…


Charlotte Hopkins Hall

is a Swiss painter based in London who was born in 1979 in Geneva. More about Charlotte Hopkins Hall and her works here.



is a new series by New York-based photographer Brooke DiDonato. Born and raised in Ohio, Brooke received her BA in photojournalism from Kent State…


Sandra Lazzarini

is an Italian photographer. In her photographic series “white room” Sandra Lazzarini shows us a clear, white painted room which gets confronted with blurs of colour…

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Max Snow

is a New York-based artist and photographer who studied at London College of Communication. He is known primarily as a photographer—for his almost painting-like…


Snow White

is a photography series by Belgian photographer Sanne De Wilde. She graduated as Master of Fine Arts, Photography a KASK (Royal Academy of Fine…


Ghost Photographs

U.S. artist Angela Deane explores the beautiful, painful, and ultimately puzzling, human condition of having memories. What are they? Can we retain them as…