Teiji Hayama

is a Japanese painter, he is known for his supernaturalism elongated, milk- skinned nymphs paintings.

His work join together western and Japanese influences, combining different art historical periods varying from Christian art, Greek mythology, subculture to Japanese culture. Hayama’s cut and etched oil painted wood live on the edge of painting and sculpture. His art features flat-relief sculpture pubescent girls evolving into women, a transitional stage involving social and psychological changes. They represent messengers whose glassy, ambiguous gazes remind the viewer of the importance of life. The portraits are sometimes depicted naked expressing a form of innocence, one and unique entity showing the purest essence of the human being. Hayama‘s wood panels both set in outdoor and indoor spaces using natural or artifical light in its many moods and manifestions as backgrounds to emphasize colours, shapes, textures and depth of his work.
The wood’s grain itself lends the painting a certain authenticity, but at the same time, the juxtapostition of metalic parts with intense colours creates a contrast of materials. With noble materials like brass, steel and aluminium, Hayama reconsiders the Christian Icon.

More about Teiji Hayama and his works here.

tei tei1 tei2 tei3 tei4 tei5 tei6 tei7 tei8

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