The Diving Bell

The Diving Bell is Senan Lee & Pansy Aung’s (aka Salt’n’Pepper Squid) first piece of artwork together.

Initially just a fleeting conversation around the life of being advertising creative, the project developed in to a physical sculpture when they decided to visualise their joint feelings on the subject.

For anyone who comes up with ideas on a daily basis, the act of putting on your own ‘Diving Bell’ is the time you use to discover, search and generate them. Its windows are your visual eyes to the world. The little air space is where you have to think – your lifeline to survival.

The Diving Bell not only represents the physiological pressure of coming up with ideas on demand, but the weight of the pressure you put on yourself for consistent excellence.

Specifically constructed from recycled cardboard, the material gives a sense of lightness and frivolous to what could be a forbidding experience. Slats were designed to allow the outside world an intimate view into this secretive space, whilst also emphasizing the need for creatives to absorb as much as possible. In a world where ideas can be inspired by anything, ignorance is death. For the longer it takes to come up with the idea, the longer you wait to take it off. As Jean-Dominique Bauby wrote:

Does the cosmos contain keys for opening my diving bell?”

S-and-P-DivingBell_Bookshop_1500px S-and-P-DivingBell_1500px S-and-P-DivingBell_Bench_1500px



The Diving Bell

Materials: Recycled Cardboard, PVA

September 2013

The direct link to the project is and their website is

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