The Life and Times of an Aging Superhero

by Andreas Englund, born in Falun in 1974, Sweden. Based in Stockholm, he is mostly recognised for the photo realistic and humoristic oil paintings depicting the everyday life of an anonymous superhero. The series ranges from the superhero’s first mission as a toddler to being an old man, still struggling with everyday trivialities. Other themes include horses and muscle cars. The horses are painted as dalecarlia horses, a famous symbol from the Swedish region of Dalecarlia,where Andreas was born. “I always wanted to share my thoughts with others, either through conversation or visual media. To understand and analyze what makes people connect. To share insights and thoughts, experience and humor. At the same time the insights from working with communication gave me the tools from where I built my foundation as an artist. For me it has always been two careers living in symbiosis – being an Art Director and an artist – with the common theme of storytelling and communicating.”—Andreas Englund

More about Andreas Englund and his Aging Superhero here.

englund-1113 englund-1 englund-2 englund-3 englund-4 englund-5 englund-8-new englund-10 englund-11 englund-12 englund-14 englund-15

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