The Silent Dialogue

is a photography series by German photographer Elena Helfrecht who is based in London.

„The Silent Dialogue” is a series of conceptually documenting selfportraits from 2014 to 2017. Born out of affective visions and impulses, each image deals with specific aspects of femininity connected to depression and emotionally unstable personality disorder. The single photographs can be seen as fragments yielding a mirror to reflect, while creating a visual portal to subconsciousness. A physiognomic identity is avoided in order to focus on the skin and its storytelling, elevating personal insights to an abstract and associative shared knowledge. Through the lens the subject merges with the observer, giving an objective access to an idiosyncratic perception. The body is treated as a book to be read – opening an entrance to a world beneath the signs.

Elena Helfrecht graduated in Art History and Book Science at Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen and is enrolled in the Master’s Programme of Photography at the Royal College of Art. Through photography she examines the human psyche. Her images are created from multiple layers of meaning, characterized by a personal iconography. She is influenced by the folklore of her childhood in Bavaria and her active and continuous passion for Art History and Psychology. Elena’s work has been internationally shown in over 30 group- and solo-shows from 2014 until early 2018, including the Museum for Communication in Frankfurt, MIA Photo Fair in Milan, the Fotofestiwal in Lodz, Fotofever Paris, Atopos CVC in Athens, the Click! Photography Festival in North Carolina and various galleries in Germany, Japan, Ireland, Belgium, France and Switzerland. Articles about her work have been published in collective books like Unlocked by Atopos CVC or The Opera: Magazine for Classic and Contemporary Nude Photography by Matthias Straub, as well as in magazines and blogs like Art – Das Kunstmagazin, Klassik Magazine, SternL’Oeil de la Photographie, Academy Now, C-41Magazine, Papercut and Kaltblut.

More about Elena Helfrecht and her works here or on Instagram here.

We’ve featured Elena a few years ago here.

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