Tony Cragg

is a British Turner Prize-winning sculptor. He was the director of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf until August 2013. Tony Cragg was born in Liverpool in 1949, where his father worked in the aircraft industry as an electrical engineer. In 1966 Cragg started work as a lab technician in the National Rubber Producers Research Association. He lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany. Tony Cragg emerged in the late 1970s with a bold practice that questioned and tested the limits of a wide variety of traditional sculptural materials, including bronze, steel, glass, wood, and stone. “I’m an absolute materialist, and for me material is exciting and ultimately sublime,” he has said. Eschewing factory fabrication of his works, Cragg has been known to merge contemporary industrial materials with the suggestion of the functional forms of mundane objects and ancient vessels—like jars, bottles, and test tubes—resulting in sublime, sinuous, and twisting forms.

More about Tony Cragg and his sculptures here.

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