Trash Land – a Documentary Project by José Ferreira

The grotesque conscious / unconscious inertia of people as human beings takes us to nasty scenarios that characterize any underdeveloped world, from nothing less than astronomical distances.

Such distances, makes the twenty-first century scenarios, as I testified in the Huléne dump. Animations awfully pictorial to an outdated outlook. Scenarios where life is exiled of senses, where I question the color of my faith and alienate from the reality … a reality as strong as this.

In southern Mozambique, in the heart of Maputo and just a few meters from the airport of the capital, is the dump of Huléne. Mother of many stories, home of many renegades and maintenance of many more. It’s hard to achieve any kind of judgment, when incredulity upheaves any soul or intellectual perception.The limits of the trash, a cut south for a makeshift entrance, a massive hole in the wall of cement, concrete and rough, exceed even the common sensitivity – and even the perspicuity of the look – and not even the walls that imprison her, can hide such nasty scenario …




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