Wasted Rita

is a graphic designer and illustrator conceived in New Jersey, based in Lisbon. She is a natural born agent provocateur, sarcastic as needed and a full-time thinker who must write about life, human behaviors and play with words in order to keep breathing. She studied in a religious college and grew up listening to Black Flag, turning out to be a harsh mixture between Jesus Christ and punk-rock. Rough and rude at first sight, above all, just a passionate kid doing what she thinks she should.

Creator and responsible for the blog ‘Rita Bored’, an almost daily updated blog that got famous for its black sense of humor drawings and crude hand lettered statements that has been featured in countless art & graphic design websites, several magazines and a few books. 
She had her work exhibited in Paris, London, Berlin, Bochum, throughout Portugal, and freelanced for a variety of worldwide clients such as Ginza Magazine, Doolittle Mag, Hurley, Samsung, Delta and Diário Económico.

More about Wasted Rita and her works here.

nutella_wastedrita peaceofmind_wastedrita planethurt_wastedritablowjob_wastedrita

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