What’s Inside?

by Brosmind.

“… a personal project that we’ve been developing since 2009 in our spare time. We’ve been always passionate about how things work, and that’s why we created this project.”

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“Juan (1978) and Alejandro (1981) were born in Huesca, Spain. As children, they were already a creative couple and spent their time drawing comics, building vehicles for their toys and making home movies with a domestic camcorder. In 2001, Juan graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona. Then, he began to study Graphic Design at Elisava Design School. After graduating he joined the advertising agency Villarrosas. In 2006 his short movie “Hitchcock devoured by the birds” won a Bronze in the Output Awards 06. Alejandro studied Industrial Design at Elisava Design School in Barcelona. He also studied in Holland at Arnhem University of Art and in London at Central St. Martin’s School of Art. He graduated in 2003 and received the Injuve Design Award which recognizes most promising young spanish designers. In 2004 he joined FABRICA, the Benetton Research and Communication Center in Italy. In 2006 they got together again and founded Brosmind Studio.” via brosmind.com

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Hi, I am an art director based in Berlin, Germany. I'm always searching for visual stunning or conceptually interesting pieces of art.

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