World Cup Cuisine

is a photo series of international food mashups celebrating the 2014 World Cup playoff matches by San Francisco-based interactive artist and designer George Zisiadis.

Rather than focus on its adversarial nature, he wanted to playfully re-imagine the World Cup and celebrate how it brings cultures together. Just like futbol, FOOD also represents nationalities and brings people together. So he’s re-imagining the countries`representative foods joining forces on the field rather than competing.

More about George Zisiadis and his works here.

Brazil vs Germany // 08 July 2014 // Acarajewurst


Netherlands vs Argentina // 09 July 2014 // Waffle Empanada

DSCN1574 copyDSCN1603 copy

Belgium vs Argentina // 05 July 2014 // Mussels & Fries Empanada

DSCN1564DSCN1556 copy

Netherlands vs Costa Rica // 05 July 2014 // Rice & Waffle & Beans

DSCN1583DSCN1593 copy

France vs Germany // 04 July 2014 // Crepewurst

DSCN1482 copyDSCN1507 copy

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