Zhang Haiying

is an artist based in Songzhuang, Beijing, China.Zhang was born in Beijing. He is a painter. His Anti-Vice Campaign series is based on images taken from the internet of women involved in the Chinese government’s crackdown on prostitution and pornography. However, in paintings shown at Art Beijing 2007, Zhang began to move away from the previous socio-political themes present in his work. He graduated in 1997 from the Fine Arts Department of Shang Dong Academy of Fine Arts.

Zhang Haying is known as a craftsmanship master. Each element on his paintings works well together to create a theme or strong message. Mostly, the theme of power, depression, vulnerability and other prostitution related themes are being present. Besides, he mostly uses the Internet as his source of material. In each of the Internet photographic, he transfer it into subtle painterly manipulations. These figures in his works are designed to look “hyper-real” to communicate the message about the unequal power structures where women are the main subject.

More about the Chinese painter and his paintings here.

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