Zhang Shujian

is a Chinese illustrator and painter who graduated from department of oil painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, CN.

In a society where flaws and imperfection are mostly hidden, removed or covered, Zhang Shujian (Hunan, China, 1987) refuses to conform to the established standard of aesthetics. He rather paints all details of the face in his photorealistic portraits. Lovingly, he points out the beauty in a toothless grin or the heavy, wrinkled eyelids of an elder man. In fine brushstrokes he paints single hairs on his panels and adds every single freckle, pimple or blemish. “I have always been good at recognizing parts of a whole. Details have always stuck in my consciousness in a very particular way. […] I see things that other people tend to overlook or ignore, those little, ordinary, atypical, and curious things.” Typical in his paintings and drawings is the meticulousness he uses to depict skin. In pencil on paper or with thin layers of oil paint, varnish and lacquer – techniques that resembles Gothic Tempera painting on board – he creates pieces that capture more than the image of a person. 

More about Zhang Shujian and his works here.

Zhang Shujian 1 Zhang Shujian 2 Zhang Shujian 3 Zhang Shujian 4 Zhang Shujian 5 Zhang Shujian 6 Zhang Shujian 7 Zhang Shujian 8 Zhang Shujian 9 Zhang Shujian 10

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